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Charging Disc

Charging Disc

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XECH Charging Disc is a 7 in 1 powerhouse that delivers 2500 watts of pure power!

It comes with 3 internationally compatible power outlets with 3 USB charging ports that allow you to power and charge 7 devices at once.

It comes with a smartphone holder that conveniently docks your smartphone while you charge it.


Rated Power: 2500W

USB Output: 2.1A Max

Internationally Compatible Power Sockets: 3

No. of USB ports: 3

Cord Length: 2m



  • The charging disc comes with 3 universal sockets that can house any plug type & 3 USB Output ports that deliver a 2.1A max charge. This allows you to power & charge 6 devices at once.
  • 2500 Watts of Power, XECH Charging Disc can easily power your smartphones, laptops, televisions, speakers and more!
  • A hybrid between a spike guard & an extension board, the charging disc comes with a 2-meter long power cord that allows you to move the charging disc around with ease.
  • The charging disc comes with a master switch that allows you to turn the device on/off without moving. The design allows adequate spacing between sockets to accommodate 3 plug types.
  • The charging disc comes with a groove that doubles up as a smartphone holder. This allows you to charge your device while you can enjoy watching content or your favourite videos!
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