This is XECH Arc - A bluetooth speaker with a phone holder & what makes it India's best portable speaker

XECH ARC - Bluetooth Speaker with Phone Holder

Imagine a realm where every note, every beat, and every call resonate with extraordinary clarity and convenience.

Presenting the ARC Bluetooth Speaker with Phone Holder—an embodiment of innovation and sophistication. As we unveil the myriad features that set this device apart, you'll discover that it's not just a speaker; it's your companion in crafting the perfect audio journey.

Join us as we dive into the features that make the ARC more than just a speaker.

Immersive Audio Experience

The ARC is not just about sound; it's about enveloping you in an immersive audio cocoon. Its precision-engineered speaker components deliver crisp highs, rich mids, and thrilling bass, ensuring your music and media are experienced in their full glory.

Wider Phone Slot with Optimal Viewing

Gone are the days of juggling your device during multimedia consumption. The ARC boasts a generously sized phone slot that easily accommodates large phones, even with covers. Say goodbye to awkward viewing angles—the phone holder ensures stress-free entertainment with an optimal viewing angle.

Built-in Microphone and TWS Technology

Answer calls, conduct virtual meetings, and enjoy seamless conversations with the in-built microphone. Moreover, the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology lets you pair two ARC speakers for an immersive stereo experience that resonates throughout your space.

Xech Multiconnect Compatibility

Expand your audio universe with Xech Multiconnect technology. Seamlessly connect your ARC to other Xech speakers, transforming your environment into a symphony of synchronized sound.

Pen Stand Holder for Seamless Organization

Functionality meets elegance with the integrated pen stand holder. Keep your workspace organized while enjoying the enhanced audio experience that the ARC offers.

6-Hour Play Time and Heavy-Duty Lanyard

Uninterrupted entertainment on the go. With a playtime of up to 6 hours and a heavy-duty lanyard, the ARC ensures your soundtrack accompanies you throughout your day.

Easy Travel and Non-Slip Grip

Whether you're on the move or creating a workstation, the ARC's compact size and non-slip grip make it an ideal companion for easy travel and setup.

Big Sound, Compact Size

The ARC epitomizes the adage "big things come in small packages." Its powerful sound profile defies its compact dimensions, delivering an audio experience that's bound to impress.

More than just a speaker, the ARC Bluetooth Speaker with Phone Holder harmonizes your audio needs with the convenience of device interaction.

With its host of features, it's not just about listening; it's about immersing yourself in a world of limitless possibilities.

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