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XECH Inframount

XECH Inframount is a revolutionary wall mounted automatic IR thermometer that instantly provides results without the need of having designated personnel to carry out temperature checks. XECH InfraMount comes with a rechargeable battery or can even be powered using 3 x AAA batteries. XECH InfraMount allows complete freedom in terms of placement as it can be easily mounted on to any wall or even a tripod stand, making it practical & perfect for offices, clinics, hospitals, banks, cinema halls, malls, schools, and just about anywhere. That’s not all, we’ve also included a Hi-Fi Speaker that shouts out ‘High Temperature or Normal Temperature’ depending on the readings. It comes with a big LED 3 color display that clearly displays the temperature effectively, all the time!

XECH OxyBeat

XECH OXY BEAT includes both Plethysmograph (PPG) and Perfusion Index (PI) in one device. A Powerful 2nd Generation Smart Chipset with High Quality Sensors and a Crystal Clear 4 Color TFT Display has set the new standard in Pulse Oximeters designed for Sports Enthusiasts, Pilots or anyone who wants to monitor their Blood Oxygen Saturations Level (SpO2 Levels) and Pulse Rate (Heart Rate) on the go.

Our Vision & Mission

“We are on a mission. We want to strengthen & support India’s healthcare system & provide each and every medical practitioner & healthcare worker with a safe & effective device while they keep us safe. At the same time we wanted the device to be so convenient & easy to use that it becomes an integral part of their post-examination hygiene.” – Mr. Pranay Punjabi, Founder of Xech.

Contact Us

You can drop an email to support@xech.com to get in touch with us!