Who are we?

At Xech, we craft a world of immersive innovation - designing futuristic, user-centric electronics that empower the upwardly mobile. Our vision is to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology into the fabric of everyday life, creating products that not only lead the market but also elevate the daily experiences of ambitious individuals. We're not just inventing gadgets; we're shaping lifestyles for a brighter, more connected tomorrow


Our journey began in 2012 as Theo Solutions Pvt. Ltd with the sole aim of becoming Premium Manufacturer’s for Pen Drives & Corporate Gifting Solutions.

In everything we do, we wanted to apply the ‘We Are the Consumer’ theory & that became our guiding philosophy.

Theo’s success story, made us discover a Consumer Segment greatly interested in premium gadgets with the latest technology & the perfect price range! That’s where XECH began! Being avid Tech Enthusiasts ourselves we saw a huge potential in a market that only focused n creating a variety of products that did not truly focus on quality or consumer happiness. We realized that if technology is not creating value or happiness in the lives of our customer every day, are we really staying true to our mission?



Brand Owner's Vision for the Brand

Today we cater to the consumer who’s not only a tech enthusiast but also wants to make everyday living a little easier! We wanted to become a brand that’s synonymous with qualities of excellence that’s beyond the top leaders of the industry. The name XECH should remind you of Premium Technology as soon as you hear it. With XECH we’ll make sure no consumer misses out on the latest trends in technology & gadgets, by making them accessible every day! Our products might be sourced from the World, but they’re assembled & redesigned right here at XECH HQ. Most of them are new inventions, which were never there in the market before. We’re XECH & we’re here to change the Gadgets Industry!

We believe in Technocracy & believe that this world can become a happier & better place with the power of technology! Most of the brands were focused on profit; we wanted to focus on technological happiness to change the world. XECH’s time has arrived.




Research, innovation and invention are the essence of our company. Our success results from exploring new methods and ideas beyond conventional boundaries. Our products are assembled keeping the latest developments of technology in mind. Providing the finest consumer experience ever, that’s at par with global excellence.


Excellence is our way of life. It has always been integral to our business. We expect our products, people, practices and leadership to exemplify it. Our products and services come with premium finesse due to the highest quality levels of control. We oversee each and every level of production to ensure complete management of processes.


We demonstrate the highest standard of business ethics in our dealings with our customers, suppliers and each other. XECH employees are expected to be honest in all business matters and to act consistently with the values we share as a company.