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iSoothe Eye Massager

iSoothe Eye Massager

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Rejuvenate your eyes with the XECH iSoothe Eye Massager.

Say Goodbye to tired eyes! Designed specially to target key areas around the eyes, the XECH iSoothe Eye Massager uses a combination of Vibration, Pressure, Heat and Music to transport you to a world of serenity within seconds!

5 Massage Modes to choose from

  • Automatic - Vibration, Heat, Pressure and Music
  • Fresh - Vibration, Pressure and Music
  • Smart - Pressure, Heat and Music
  • Lens - Pressure and Music
  • Sleep - Heat and Music


  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Foldable Design
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Adjustable Head Strap
  • One Button Operation
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  • Massager specially for your eyes!

    A fully loaded eye massager that uses a combination of heat, vibration, air pressure & music to make you feel completely relaxed after a long hard day!

Who should be using iSoothe?

iSoothe Eye Massager has been carefully designed for

  • Spend hours in front of a screen
  • Professionals in high stress jobs
  • People who drive for long hours
  • Frequent travellers
  • Health & fitness enthusiasts
  • Those seeking better sleep
  • People suffering from headaches

Why should you have an iSoothe?

Stress, screens, sleeplessness can take a toll, but iSoothe is here to help!

  • Reduced stress
  • Helps relieve pain
  • Better sleep quality
  • Help relax better
  • Helps against dry eyes
  • Helps de-clog sinuses

Spa like massage at home

iSoothe eye massager uses a specially massage script that is programmed to mimic Shiatsu massage to deliver spa like massage from the comfort of your home!

  • Ashok Pandian

    This has to be one of my favourite devices of the year. I found it very relaxing especially after the many hours I spend in front of screens and felt my sleep has improved after using this device regularly.

  • Gadgetsnow Bureau

    It comes with five massage modes — automatic mode, fresh mode, smart mode, lenses mode and sleep mode. All aimed to ease strain on — your eyes and improve blood circulation around the temple area on the forehead.

  • Karan Sharma

    It's the perfect way to bring relaxation and serenity to your loved ones this festive season.

  • Smarica Pant

    A portable eye massager is the perfect gift for your man and hence we introduce to you the XECH iSoothe. Think of it as a personal spa for your man’s eyes that he can carry along with him anywhere.

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Check out what iSoothe can do!

  • Pleasant Warmth

    iSoothe comes with high-performance heating pads, that delivers a comfortable 42° C warmth to help clear sinuses & tear ducts to help you relax completely.

  • Rhythmic Vibrations

    iSoothe produces super-sonic vibrations that helps you de-stress by removing tensions & improve blood circulation around the eyes.

  • Intelligent Air Pressure

    iSoothe intelligently targets key pressure points around the eyes. This creates a human-like massage which helps remove stress & tension.

iSoothe Eye Massager - XECH

Relax better with music

Soothing music meets rejuvenating massages. Let the gentle vibrations, air pressure, and warm compress target key pressure points around your eyes, while inbuilt music or your favorite tunes via Bluetooth transport you to a state of tranquil serenity.

You can turn the music off if you feel so

  • Targets Around The Eyes

    iSoothe Eye Massager's custom Shiatsu massage script delicately targets key pressure points around your eyes, using heat, vibration, and air pressure. Experience precise relaxation, melt away tension, and embrace a revitalized state of well-being.

  • 5 Massage Modes

    iSoothe Eye Massager offers five blissful massage modes for personalized relaxation. Choose from a range of experiences, including soothing vibration, calming air pressure, rejuvenating heat, a delightful mix of music, or indulge in a harmonious blend of music and massage.

  • Foldable Design

  • Rechargeable Battery

  • Adjustable Head Strap

Show you care with eye care

Gift the ultimate relaxation with iSoothe Eye Massager! This thoughtful present brings soothing massages, stress relief, and reduced eye strain—perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or any occasion to show you care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the iSoothe Eye Massager Work?

The iSoothe Eye Massager employs a custom Shiatsu massage script, which gently targets key pressure points around the eyes. This script combines heat, vibration, and air pressure, stimulating healthy blood circulation, reducing muscle tension, and invoking relaxation.

What Are the Key Features of the iSoothe Eye Massager?

The iSoothe Eye Massager boasts a plethora of features, including heat therapy, gentle vibrations, controlled air pressure, customizable massage modes, and the integration of music for a multi-sensory experience.

Is the iSoothe Eye Massager Suitable for All Ages?

Absolutely! The iSoothe Eye Massager is designed for individuals of all ages, catering to students, professionals, travellers, and anyone seeking relief from eye strain and stress.

How Does the Shiatsu Massage Script Benefit Eye Health?

The Shiatsu massage script, derived from ancient massage techniques, targets pressure points to improve blood circulation, reduce tension, and enhance overall eye health.

Can I Use the iSoothe Eye Massager with My Own Music?

Yes, you can! The iSoothe Eye Massager allows you to connect via Bluetooth, syncing your favorite music for a harmonious blend of relaxation.

How Does the iSoothe Eye Massager Help Reduce Dark Circles?

By improving blood circulation and reducing tension, the iSoothe Eye Massager indirectly addresses the appearance of dark circles, promoting a revitalized and fresher look.

What Are the Different Massage Modes Available?

Choose from five distinct massage modes, each combining elements like vibration, air pressure, heat, and music. Customize your experience to match your mood and preferences.

  • Automatic Mode - Air Pressure, Vibration, Heat, Music
  • Fresh Mode - Air Pressure, Vibration, Music
  • Smart Mode - Air Pressure, Heat, Music
  • Lens Mode - Air Pressure, Music
  • Sleep Mode - Heat, Music

Is the Eye Massager Portable and Travel-Friendly?

Absolutely! The iSoothe Eye Massager's foldable design and portability make it an ideal companion for travellers or anyone seeking relaxation on the go. It even comes with a pouch that makes it easy to carry.

Does iSoothe Eye Massager Come with a Warranty?

XECH iSoothe comes with a warranty, ensuring your peace of mind. Additionally, the brand provides dedicated customer support to assist with any queries or concerns. Please write to or call / WhatsApp to +91 88288 44466

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