best study lamp for students who love reading

4 Best Study Lamp for Students Who Love to Study

Finding the perfect desk lamp for your study needs just got easier! Explore the range of XECH desk lamps designed to enhance your productivity, provide optimal lighting, and cater to the unique requirements of students. Here's a quick overview of our top-notch desk lamps:

1. Desky Lamp - Your Multifunctional Study Companion

Illuminate your study with the Desky Lamp—a multifunctional desk light with adjustable lighting tones, touch sensor brightness control, and a clever multi-layered storage system. Rechargeable and glare-free, it doubles as a smartphone holder, making it the ideal study companion.

Desky Study Lamp for Students Studying comes with pen stand & rechargeable battery


  • Multilayered Storage: Keep your study essentials organized with the built-in storage.
  • Adjustable Lighting: Choose from 3 color tones and adjust brightness levels with a touch sensor pad.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Enjoy 3-4 hours of luminosity on a single charge.
  • Eye-friendly LEDs: Optimal glare-free lighting for extended study sessions.
  • Bonus Smartphone Holder: Thoughtful design at the base doubles as a smartphone holder.

Price: ₹699/-


2. T2C Lamp - Versatile Illumination for Your Study Space

Versatile illumination awaits with the T2C Lamp. Rechargeable with adjustable brightness, an integrated pen stand, and cordless convenience, it's the perfect study companion for those seeking a sleek, modern design with one-touch operation.

T2C Study Lamp with Pen Stand Holder for Reading & Studying


  • Adjustable Brightness: Experience optimal brightness with dimmable features.
  • Organizational Powerhouse: Integrated pen stand and stationery holder for a neat workspace.
  • Cordless Convenience: Rechargeable and cord-free for a clutter-free study area.
  • Use While Charging: Seamless operation during charging for uninterrupted study sessions.
  • Compact and Stylish: Modern design with one-touch sensor for easy operation.

Price: ₹799/-


3. T2 Lamp - Read, Study, Work with Optimal LED Light

The T2 Lamp offers optimal LED light for reading, studying, and working. Rechargeable with adjustable brightness, it comes with a pen stand and a plant pot, proudly made in India. A thoughtful and stylish addition to any study space.

T2 Desk Lamp with Pen Stand & Plant Pot with Rechargeable Battery Designed for Students


  • High-quality LEDs: Ideal for reading, studying, and working for long hours.
  • Pen Stand and Plant Pot: Versatile design with options for stationery or plant placement.
  • 3 Level Adjustable Brightness: Choose the right brightness for your tasks.
  • Proudly Made in India: A blend of functionality and aesthetics with a touch of local craftsmanship.

Price: ₹899/-


4. Quest PRO Lamp - Where Elegance Meets Functionality

Elegance meets functionality with the Quest PRO Lamp. Featuring a 15W wireless charger, dual USB output ports, and a multitasking pen stand, it's the stylish solution for charging devices while enjoying energy-efficient LEDs with adjustable color temperature.

Table Lamp with Wireless Charger & Pen Stand Holder for Study Desks Quest Pro


  • Wireless Charging: A 15W wireless charger and dual USB output ports keep your devices powered.
  • Multitasking Design: Pen stand with USB ports for an organized and charged workspace.
  • Simultaneous Device Charging: Charge 3 devices at once - wireless, USB-C, and USB-A.
  • Energy-efficient LEDs: Flexible gooseneck design with adjustable color temperature.

Price: ₹1499/-


Select the desk lamp that suits your style, preferences, and study habits. XECH's desk lamps are not just illuminators; they are functional, stylish, and crafted to make your study sessions more efficient. Illuminate your space with XECH today!

Below is the feature table for easier understanding

Name Desky T2C T2 Quest Pro
Desky Study lamp with Pen Stand & Phone Stand
T2C Rechargeable Study Lamp with Pen Stand T2 Table Lamp with Pen Stand & Plant Pot Quest Pro Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging Pad & Pen Stand
Reading Lamp
Pen Stand
Adjustable Brightness
Touch Sensor
Rechargeable Battery
Flexible Neck
Energy Efficient LEDs
Glare Free Lighting
Wireless Charger
Plant Pot
Key Feature Muti-Compartment Storage, Multi-Colour Lighting Long Battery, Energy Efficient LEDs Long Battery, Plant Pot, Energy Efficient LEDs Wireless Charger, Multi-USB Charger, Multi-Colour Lighting


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