XECH Hydroboil Portable Kettle For Travelling New Innovative Bottle that can boil Water

Here are top 5 reasons why you need this portable travel kettle!

XECH Portable Travel Kettle Electric Thermos Flask Water Bottle that can Boil Water Hydro boil

A travel kettle is a portable kettle that can be used to heat water while traveling or engaging in outdoor activities.
One major problem however with using traditional electric kettles is that they can be bulky and heavy, making them difficult to carry around, especially while travelling for work & vacations.

XECH Hydroboil combines the functionalities of an electric kettle, but in a surprisingly portable package! And it has some advanced features which a traditional kettle does not have!
Let’s understand what sets this portable electric kettle apart from everyone else!

Hydroboil seems to have solved the main problem of using large bulky travel kettles. Shaped as a water bottle, Hydroboil is convenient & practical for everyday use. The capacity is 350ml which doesn’t seem a lot at first, but understanding that it is super fast & you will be using it far more frequently in comparison to traditional kettles just because it is more convenient.

Traditional kettles are huge & have a large heating element located at the base which is used to heat up water. XECH’s product designers have managed to shrink the powerful 300W heating element and fit it inside the bottle. This powerful heating element can boil water within 2-3 minutes.

Apart from the size & power, XECH Hydroboil offers ultimate convenience to the user. One issue that travellers face while using large travel kettles is managing & storing the power cord. Usually they put it inside the kettle itself, which creates a hygiene issue in itself. Hydroboil however, has overcome this. The designers have created a small cavity that’s located underneath the flask which can store the power cord easily. This makes it convenient to carry around without creating a hygiene issue.

Hydroboil comes with a one button operation, making it super easy for even those who are not tech savvy. Simply pour water in & put the lid on, plug the device in, press the button & voila! Boiling hot water within minutes.

Traditional kettles are good, but they have a lot of safety issues that cause accidental burns if not used properly. XECH Hydroboil has a bunch of safety features that make it super practical and safe to use. It has a powerful 300W heating element that is powered using a 220v plug that comes with ISI mark for quality & safety standards.

Below are the safety features that XECH Hydroboil has.

  • ISI Marked Power Cord
  • Auto-Shutdown Function
  • Boil-Dry Protection
  • Pressure Release Silicone Cap
  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Double Insulation
  • Dedicated Power cord Storage Slot

While there are multiple other reasons why XECH Hydroboil is superior to other traditional travel kettles, one specific is the overall design!

Lets understand the possible applications for this new-age electric kettle.

  • Boiling water to make hot drinks, such as tea or coffee, while traveling or outdoors
  • Boiling water to prepare instant soup or noodles while on the go
  • Sterilising baby bottles while traveling
  • Heating water for washing or cleaning while camping or hiking
  • Providing hot water for first aid purposes while engaging in outdoor activities
  • Making hot drinks or soups in a hotel room without access to a stove or a microwave
  • Boiling or decontaminating water in whatever part of the world you’re in.
  • Drinking warm water while you’re travelling helps relief sore throat and fight against common cold.

Hydroboil as a travel kettle is designed to be energy-efficient, using less power than a stove or a microwave to heat water. Overall, it is a convenient & practical travel kettle for people who need to heat or boil water while on the go.

Hydroboil is available on the company’s website & across leading marketplaces like

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