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This new-age appliance is taking the portable kettles to the next level

XECH Hydroboil Portable Electric Kettle Small Size For Travelling Hotel Rooms Ketli

When it comes to basic jobs like heating water, making meals, and doing the dishes, we're always seeking for methods to increase our efficiency. 

Because they are fast & boil water easily, electric water kettles are one of the most useful appliances to have around the house or your workspace.

However, there are some dis-advantages of these traditional kettles.

One potential problem with using traditional electric kettles is that they can be bulky and heavy, making them difficult to carry around, especially while travelling for work & vacations.

Traditional electric kettles take up a significant amount of counter space, which may not be ideal for people with limited space or for people who like to travel light!

Additionally not all workplaces have electric kettles and the ones which have them are usually classified as ‘PUBLIC KETTLES’ which are not very hygienic. 

More so, while on a vacation, not all hotel rooms have kettles, making it inconvenient for travellers to have hot water or beverages while they are travelling. 

In 2022, we introduced XECH Hydroboil. A first of it’s kind water bottle that can boil water in under 5 minutes. It is also known as an electric water bottle.

Portable Electric Kettle Small Drinking Water Heater Garam Pan ki Ketli Hydroboil Electric Thermos

Electric water bottles are bottles that can boil water & can be seen as a more advanced and convenient version of portable kettles. Unlike traditional kettles, which require a separate heat source to boil water, electric water bottles have a built-in heating element that allows them to heat water on their own. 

This means they can be used anywhere that has a power outlet, making them a more versatile and convenient option for boiling water on the go. Additionally, because the water is heated inside the bottle itself, electric water bottles can keep the water hot for a longer period of time, making them a better choice. 

They are often used daily to boil water to prepare tea & coffee or also outdoor activities, such as camping or hiking, or for making hot drinks while traveling. 

XECH Hydroboil has advanced features that make them even more convenient and efficient, such as a temperature control system or insulation to keep the water hot for a longer period of time. 

Additionally, XECH Hydroboil is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and use. 

It has a powerful 300W heating element that is powered using a 220v plug that comes with ISI mark for quality & safety standards.

Below are the safety features that XECH Hydroboil has

  • ISI Marked Power Cord
  • Auto-Shutdown Function
  • Boil-Dry Protection
  • Pressure Release Silicone Cap
  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Double Insulation
  • Dedicated Power cord Storage Slot

With its sleek design and fast boiling capabilities, the Hydroboil is the perfect solution for all your hot water needs on the go. Hydroboil is available on the company’s website & across leading marketplaces like 

  1. Amazon
  2. Flipkart
  3. JioMart
  4. FirstCry
  5. Pepperfry


Overall, Hydroboil is a useful tool for anyone who needs to boil water, whether be it at home or while travelling.

What is XECH?

XECH (/‘zek’/) is an Indian brand headquartered in Mumbai. Founded in 2018, XECH’s R&D Innovation Centre specialises in creating cutting-edge electronics and new age appliances. This allows XECH to truly be a multi-category brand.


We believe in Technocracy & believe that this world can become a happier & better place with the power of technology & design! Most of the brands are focusing on profit; we focus on technological happiness to change the world.

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