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XECH Hydroboil is a portable electric travel kettle designed in a shaped of a bottle that allows you to boil water and carry & prepare your favourite hot beverage, on the go! At the heart of the XECH Hydroboil, lies a superheating element and a powerful 300W Motor that boils water within minutes!

Hydroboil is built using 304 stainless steel with double-layered insulation that prevents scalding & a host of safety features that include heat resistance, materials and a special coating that makes it easy to drink right out of the bottle!

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A hybrid between a kettle & a bottle

Electric kettle for traveling - the perfect companion for your journey XECH Hydroboil

Boiling water has never been so easy

Experience convenience on-the-go with Hydroboil - portable electric travel kettle.

Compact, lightweight & perfect for your next adventure

  • Small electric kettle perfect for compact spaces Portable mini kettles XECH Hydroboil

    Hydroboil's concealed power cord allows for a sleek and clutter-free countertop, making it both convenient and stylish. The power cord is ISI marked, making it compatible with all Indian households.

  • India's best Mini electric kettle for easy storage and travel - XECH Hydroboil

    With its powerful 300W heating element, Hydroboil - portable travel kettle using rapid-boil technology & boils water in minutes, making it the perfect companion for those travelling for work or leisure.

  • Discover the best kettle brand in India for your home and travels, perfect for preparing instant noodles wherever your are!

    Instant Noodles

  • Portable travel kettle for convenient on-the-go tea and coffee by XECH, India's best travel kettle

    Tea and Coffee

  • Electric water bottle for convenient and quick hot drinks, by XECH

    Instant Soups

  • Electric kettle bottle - the perfect solution for travel and home use XECH Hydroboil

    Read-to-Cook Meals

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  • Small kettle for travel - enjoy your favorite hot beverages anywhere

    Aportable travel kettle that is designed to be hassle-free, making it perfect for travelling

  • Small electric kettle for easy and efficient use in small spaces

    Hydroboil's mini kettle compact design ensures next-level convenience on-the-go

  • Best travel accessories - add our portable kettle to your must-have list

    Hydroboil's safety features, pressure release valve & a convenient one-button operation, provide peace of mind and ensure a worry-free boiling experience.

  • Small electric kettle - compact design for easy storage and travel

    Hydroboil's premium 304 grade stainless steel and cool touch body offer durability, safety and sleek design, making it the perfect travel accessory.

  • Certified Cable

  • Over-Heat Protection

  • Cool Touch Body

  • Rapid-Boil Technology

  • Auto Shutdown

  • Concealed Power Cord

  • Must-have travel gadgets - include our portable kettle in your packing essentials

    5 / 5 stars

    The design of this particular electric bottle is very slim which makes it easier for carrying while travelling. There are others available in the market, but they are too bulky and others don't last that long. The water heats very quickly, in minutes!

    Yash P 
  • Small electric kettle - compact design for easy storage and travel enjoy tea and coffee

    5 / 5 stars

    Pretty nice handy....this device and coffee and sugar are my true companions along with my laptop. A kettle took too much space and this is the saviour. Overall this is what i was searching from a long time.

    Mahip Hanspal 
  • Mini electric kettle - small but mighty for your travel needs

    5 / 5 stars

    This kettle bottle boils water really fast and the built quality is good. I was going on a Leh trip and was contemplating importing the xiaomi one which costs double this price and I'm happy I found this Indian made product.

  • Small kettle for travel - take your favourite hot drinks with you

    5 / 5 stars

    The kettle looks like a water bottle so easy to take along while traveling. Plus the company provides excellent customer care so I strongly recommend it.

    Ginni Grover 
  • India's best portable travel kettles - convenient and easy to use

    5 / 5 stars

    After using for Long (20+ Days) I can say this is by far the best portable kettle for traveling purpose!

  • Best travel accessories - simplify your journey with a portable kettle

    5 / 5 stars

    The design of the bottle is very slim which makes it easier for carrying while travelling.The water heats very quickly.

    Abhirup B 
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Frequently asked questions

What makes Hydroboil unique than other bottles?

XECH Hydroboil comes with ISI mark for quality & safety which other bottles may not have. Hydroboil has in-built safety features like boil-dry protection, anti-scalding casing, BPA free materials & 304 grade stainless steel.

How does the auto-cut off feature works?

The auto-cutoff feature starts after 5 minutes and 30 seconds if the water is continuously boiling. The water starts boiling at the 2-minute mark while the pressure release valve pops up at the 3-minute mark.

What happens when I accidentally forget to turn the device off & there is no water inside?

XECH Hydroboil comes with an auto-shutoff feature which auto turns off after the water has boiled. It will also turn on automatically in 8-10 mins after the water cools down. It also has boil-dry protection to prevent heating without water inside.

Can I drink out of the bottle directly? or Do in need to pour it in a cup?

Both! We designed XECH Hydroboil in such a way that it can be used as a normal water bottle if needed. Incase you plan to drink hot water, we recommend you to wait until the temperature of the water becomes drinkable.

Is the outer part insulated so that one doesn't burn his/her hand?

Yes, Hydrodoil's outer body remains cool, even when the water is boiling.

What is the warranty on XECH Hydroboil - Portable Travel Kettle?

XECH Hydroboil comes with a 1 year warranty. You can reach out to our customer support team for more details.


Frequently asked questions

Can we use Hydroboil in train travel?

Yes, XECH Hydroboil can be used in train travel, for train coaches which have 110v plugs. This doesn't affect the performance of the portable travel kettle, making it all the more convenient!

Can I take XECH Hydroboil in flights?

Yes, You can take XECH Hydroboil - portable travel kettle in flights, trains and just about any where!

Can I boil milk in this?

It is not advisable to boil milk inside this kettle. This is because boiling milk will leave a thick residue at the bottom of the bottle where the heating element and the sensors are.

What all can I prepare using XECH Hydroboil electric kettle?

Hydroboil is a unique & innovative electric water bottle that can boil water in under 5 minutes.
The applications of hydroboil are endless.

  1. Boil water to prepare Hot Tea / Coffee / oolong Tea etc
  2. Boil water to decontaminate it and make it safe. This is especially important while you are travelling.
  3. Boil water to prepare & enjoy instant noodles or soups.
  4. Have warm water throughout the day to fight off cough & cold. This is very important, especially during the rainy and cold seasons.
  5. Use it as a normal water bottle anywhere!
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