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XECH Sterostet is India's 1st Stethoscope Sterilizer that uses a proprietary UVC-GI Technology to sterilise stethoscopes of all sizes with upto 99.9999% efficiency. XECH designed Sterostet after 2 years of focused research & multiple stages of prototyping before perfecting the product to combat HAIs (Healthcare Associated Infections).

India's 1st Stethoscope Sterilizer. XECH Sterostet is a one of a kind developed by an Indian Company to fight against Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI's) to help medical professionals like Doctors & Nurses stay safe against stethoscope cross contamination & encourage best hygiene practices


There is no doubt when it comes to path-breaking innovations that change the life of the everyday consumer, Xech has been at the forefront & as the times call for it Xech’s attention to where it matters most has not been left behind – India’s frontline workers & medical community.


Healthcare-Associated Infections, more commonly known as nosocomial infections, affect hundreds of millions of patients every year according to the latest statistics by WHO. These diseases were originally not present in most of the patients. In fact, not just the patients, but also the medical professionals are highly vulnerable to deadly occupational infections like H1N1, Influenza, COVID-19, Tuberculosis, etc.

The WHO & the CDC have stressed the importance of post-examination hygiene between 2 patients which includes decontamination of a stethoscope head. The commonly used method to decontaminate the stethoscope head is using hand sanitizers, which is not recommended as it can damage the apparatus.

This inspired Xech to create SteroStet, a device that effectively sterilizes a stethoscope diaphragm without using any chemicals or liquids and preserves the longevity of the expensive medical apparatus.

What originally began as a part of a 2-year extensive research, for XECH to create a medical device that would help with Post Examination Hygiene, now became the need of the hour as the world battled the Novel Corona Virus Pandemic.

XECH took up the responsibility to solve real-world problems, especially those faced by the Medical Community. After extensive innovation & working hand to hand with some of the biggest doctors in India, XECH created India’s first Stethoscope sterilizer, SteroStet.

This compact, portable & innovatively designed medical device is created to ensure the safest possible way to sterilize a stethoscope head between two patients to prevent any unhygienic cross-contamination arising out of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs). This is done all within 5 minutes using cutting-edge UV-C GI Technology all built-in with intelligent sensors to ensure the smoothest & quickest stethoscope sterilization possible.

  • XECH SteroStet is specially designed to facilitate post-examination hygiene in the safest & quickest way possible. 
  • Embedded with a cutting-edge UV-C GI Technology that is effective to sterilize stethoscope diaphragms of all sizes.
  • XECH SteroStet comes with Quadsense Technology that places 4 advanced sensors embedded in a state-of-the-art processor to ensure the safest possible sterilization, no matter the size of the stethoscope diaphragm or the angle it’s placed in.
  • The design patent p. XECH SteroStet is tested in a NABL approved laboratory against S. Aureus, E.coli & Candida where they found log 6 reductions making it 99.9999% effective. 
  • XECH SteroStet comes with a dense lithium polymer battery that allows 100 sterilization cycles of 5-minutes each on a single-one-hour charge.
  • XECH SteroStet has been designed in a way that it can be mounted on a wall, or placed on a desk, and is portable enough to be carried around in a bag so that it is always around ready to help.
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